Team Happy Foundation (THF) is a 501c3 tax exempt non-profit community development organization.

Since 2005, we have had one mission: to inspire the next generation of first responders and wetland scientists through education, literacy, and advocacy. We believe that youth can help create a future that more actively embraces hurricane preparedness and environmental stewardship. Our team of invaluable volunteers help implement the following educational program priorities:

1. Donate books to kids in-need.

2. Demonstrate how to prepare for natural disasters.

3. Develop coastal restoration advocates.

4. Deliver humanitarian relief to distressed communities.

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We’ve accomplished the following milestones:
– Volunteered 45,000 service hours rebuilding homes
– Awarded 3,150 new books to kids in-need
– Taught 4,000 youth how to build a disaster kit
– Delivered 3,000 emergency blankets to hospitals
– Trained 3,600 Louisiana inmates on effective re-entry
– Supported middle school sports teams from 2009 to 2014