Team Happy Foundation (THF) is a 501c3 tax exempt non-profit community development organization.

 Since December 2005, we’ve accomplished the following milestones:
– Volunteered 45,000 service hours rebuilding Orleans Parish homes
– Awarded 3,000 new books to kids in-need
– Taught 4,000 youth how to build a disaster kit
– Delivered 3,000 emergency blankets to hospitals
– Trained 3,600 Louisiana inmates on effective re-entry
– Mentored and sponsored middle school sports teams from 2009 to 2014

One Mission: Inspire The Next Generation of First Responders. Our purpose is to develop civic leadership through literacy programs. We create award-winning children’s books, educational curricula and mentoring initiatives that enhance individual and community capacity.

Our team of invaluable volunteers implement the following priorities:

1. Donate new books to kids in-need.
2. Mentor youth and help them prepare for Hurricane Season.
3. Train inmates during job ready and civil rights workshops.
4. Advocate for the restoration of Louisiana wetlands.
5. Deliver humanitarian relief within distressed communities.
6. Provide annual technology scholarship to foster youth.

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